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Hi, I'm Meredith Dinitz

I use my career experience and personal story to help my clients on their journey.  I found myself in a role that no longer fit me, but was afraid to leave because of the financial security it provided. I had to figure out my next path while still doing a job that no longer inspired me. After working with a career coach I was able to identify strengths, passions, and found the clarity I was seeking. When your energy is full time in one place and your heart is building something new, it is during these hardest times when having a coach is the most valuable.

About Me...

Embracing change is never easy, but many times not taking action is worse. This is where I bring value to my clients.  


As a Certified Career Transition Coach (CCTC), I possess invaluable insights into the hiring process, having occupied both sides of the table – as a recruiter and coach. Over my 14+ year career with one of Washington, DC's leading recruiting firms, I've honed my expertise in guiding candidates toward their new professional homes. 


My extensive experience working with candidates and collaborating with discerning clients and companies nationwide has equipped me with the insight and skills to mentor you through every facet of your job search journey. If you're feeling stuck or are in pursuit of a fulfilling career, take the first step toward Your Career Happiness by scheduling a discovery call today.

I moved to Raleigh, NC with my husband and son in 2019 and started YCH because I love helping people find true career happiness. In my free time, I enjoy pilates, taking walks with friends, and watching Indiana Basketball and the Pittsburgh Steelers. I also love traveling and exploring new places. 


Indiana University, Bloomington

Bachelor of Science

Arizona State University

Master of Business Administration

Master of Health Services Administration


Certified Professional Consultant, CPC  2011

The National Association of Personnel Services

Executive Assistants Organization - Preferred Vendor - September 2022

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