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 My Professional Coaching Services

Discover how career coaching can guide you toward a new career path or advancement in your professional journey. Whether you are seeking assistance with job search strategies or aiming to sharpen your interviewing skills, my tailored packages are designed to kickstart your journey. Recognizing that everyone has unique needs, my packages can be fully customized to ensure you achieve your specific goals.

Optimize Your Online Presence 

3 session package

  • Resume audit

  • LinkedIn Profile review

  • Learn how to tell your story and how you want to show up online

Networking and Job Search Tactics

2 session package

  • How to network authentically and in your own way

  • Job search strategies

Interview Success Strategies

3 session package

  • Interview strategies/mock interview

  • Develop your elevator pitch 

  • Create relevant stories for your interviews

Navigating Your Next Career Move

6 session package

  • Understanding the strength and skills you enjoy using most

  • Identify what success looks like for you

  • Career Research and Brainstorming New Roles

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